Pig Tiger Shark Turtle
Underwater animals - beautiful fresh live wallpapers. Image amusing da dangerous animals that live under water. You will encounter a great white shark, a giant turtle off the island \"Bali\", hammerhead sharks, tiger who hunts under water and fun sows with piglets. Wallpaper for android simulating water ripple effect ripples, waves ripples. Just swipe your finger across the screen and enjoy running water. For you we have made a great choice of settings. You can use images, photos and thumb drive to create a wave effect.\n\nFeatures:\n- Choice of 5 incredibly beautiful images, or choose a photo from your gallery\n- Wide range of wave effect settings such as:\n Damping, Displament, Tick, Radius\n- Scrolling effect: Gravity sensor, On Touch, On Change Desktop\n- You can include a slideshow effect, and select your image.\n- The effect of rain, rain rate settings.\n- Quick and smooth 3D animation of water (based on OpenGL ES 1.0)\n- Smooth wave effect work on older devices\n- You can share this app with your friends\n- Works on 90% of devices on phones and tablets\n- You can open the settings made double tap on the home screen\n- Selection of quality water effect (FPS)\n- Optimized battery use\n\nNote that all these effects are free. Android app contains ads. You can see all our other live wallpapers with the effect of water ripples, simply use your finger and play! :)\n\nNOTE! After setting the wallpaper, the desktop icon will appear, click on the icon - set the wallpaper - setting.
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