Greatest eagle pictures on your live wallpaper! Take delight in watching golden and bald eagles flying over different nature backgrounds any time! Enjoy these beautiful bird images as part of your new wallpaper design!\n- Greatest LWP for Android!\n- Keep tapping on the screen and new pictures will appear!\n- Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!\n- This animated background is your best choice!\nFollow the installation instructions:\nHome -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers\nThe large sized bird of prey is one of the most dominant predators in the sky. It is commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere including Europe, Asia and North America and also found on the African continent.\nThere are more than 60 different species of this bird in the world with only 2 of these found in the USA and Canada. The American bald eagle (in the sense of white, as in piebald), or white-headed is found in all parts of North America near water and feeds chiefly on dead fish (sometimes robbing the osprey's catch) and rodents. It is dark brown with white head, neck, and tail plumage. The northern species (found chiefly in Canada) is slightly larger than the southern, which ranges throughout the United States. \n\"The golden eagle\" is the only other species of the bird found on the American continent. The golden is widespread in the Northern Hemisphere, in the United States found mostly in the West. Unlike the bald one, it is an aggressive predator.\nThese birds are dominant and ruthless predators in their environment and therefore have very few natural predators themselves. They are most likely to be hunted by smaller animals when they are chicks or still young and inexperienced so they are fairly vulnerable.\nImpressive both in size and for their fearsome beauty, they have long been symbols of royal power and have appeared on coins, seals, flags, and standards since ancient times. The bird was the emblem of one of the Ptolemies of Egypt and was borne on the standards of the Roman armies and of Napoleon's troops. The American bald eagle became the national emblem of the United States by act of Congress in 1782.\nGet this free app and take delight in watching beautiful images of this bird species on your live background.
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