Weaphones™ WW2: Gun Sim
Experience the weapons of World War II like never before. Weaphones WW2 Free Edition redefines what the term first person shooter means. Don’t just play the game, be part of it. Take hold of your device and experience what it’s like to load, charge, clear and shoot a firearm. \n\nWith Weaphones WW2 you can live out your greatest gun fight fantasies and remain 100% safe. Weaphones features some of the most iconic firearms of WW2, from the German Luger to the American belt-fed M1919. Many of the weapons are customizable; add bayonets, scopes, bipods and more! If you don’t know how to operate a particular weapon, brush up with our fully animated step-by-step tutorials. \n\nFrom the high-definition, battle bruised, pistols, rifles and machine guns, to the authentic weapon mechanics mixed with realistic smoke, recoil, muzzle flash and sound effects, Weaphones is all about realism. Everything is adjustable to suit the user. Change the size of the weapon to place all controls within easy reach. Rotate and flip to best suit the device and hand preference. On supported devices, enable the camera flash feature and further enhance your experience by leveraging the power of the built-in camera flash to simulate a real muzzle flash. \n\nExperience all this and more with Weaphones WW2 Firearms Simulator. \n_______________________________ \n\n» Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects \n» Full Interaction and Control \n» Authentic Weapon Mechanics \n» Customizable Weapons \n» Free Updates and Free Daily Weapons \n» Detailed Full HD Graphics \n» Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Preference \n→ Lefty Flip \n→ Rotate 180° \n→ Scale \n→ Move \n» User Adjustable Variables \n→ Unlimited Ammo \n→ Auto Reload \n→ Weapon Jamming \n→ Accelerometer Reloading \n→ Camera Flash Shooting \n» Weapon State Indicator (“Why Am I Not Shooting”) \n» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial for Each Weaphone \n» Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & Camera Flash Support \n» Social Media Driven Future Content \n_______________________________ \n\nInteractive Features: \n\nLUGER P08 / WALTHER P38 & PPK / M1911A1: » Trigger » Cocking Handle/Decocking Handle » Magazine Release » Safety » Magazine » Slide Release » Hammer\n\nWEBLEY REVOLVER: » Trigger » Hammer » Cylinder » Rounds » Barrel Assembly » Barrel Catch\n\nSMGs: » Trigger » Charging Handle/Safety » Magazine Release » Fire Selector » Magazine » Suppressor » Drum Magazine\n\nM1 CARBINE: » Trigger » Charging Handle » Safety » Slide Stop » Magazine Release » Magazine » Folding Stock » Bayonet\n\nSTG 44: » Trigger » Charging Handle » Magazine Release » Fire Selector » Safety » Magazine \n\nM1918A2 BAR: » Trigger » Charging Handle » Flip-up Sight » Carry Handle » Bipod » Shoulder Support\n\nM1 GARAND: » Trigger » Safety » Operating Rod » Clip » Clip Latch » Bayonet » Scope » Flashhider \n\nK98K / MOSIN NAGANT: » Trigger » Bolt » Safety Lever » Stripper Clip » Solo Round » Bayonet » Scope\n\nM1919 / M2 BROWNING: » Trigger » Charging Handle » Receiver Cover » Belt Ammunition » Ammo Box » Flip-up Sights » Carry Handle » Bipod » Tripod » Stock\n\nMG42: » Trigger » Charging Handle » Receiver Cover » Belt Ammunition » Ammo Box » Flip-up Sights » Safety » Bipod » Tripod\n\nM2 FLAMETHROWER: » Tanks » Igniter Safety » Igniter Trigger » Fuel Trigger\n\nTYPE 97 HAND GRENADE: » Pin/Rope » Protective Cap
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