AstroWings Blitz
Fly to a mysterious island, where mystical monsters and fearsome bosses await you!\nAstroWings series returns brandishing a full, 3D dynamic shooter: AstroWings Blitz! \nWhat are you waiting for? Jump into the game now to fight your way through hordes of mythical creatures that block your path!\n\n\n**FEATURES**\n\nBuild your own unique aircraft! You create it, you pilot it!\n▶ Hundreds of different combinations possible with parts combination\n▶ Strengthen, customize, and paint your aircraft to your liking\n\n\nBegin your adventure on the fantastical island!\n▶ Assault numerous islands with various monsters and bosses\n▶ Challenge yourself with the increasing difficulty of the stages\n\n\nPlay with your Facebook friends\n▶ Visit the your friends’ hangars and check out their aircraft\n▶ Open the Lucky Box and receive great rewards from your friends every day!\n\n\nUnlike any other shooters out there\n▶ Avoid fully 3D rendered obstacles while conquering the skies\n▶ Fully integrated with Game Center to allow for competitive play among your friends\n\n\n** COMMUNITY **\n\nLike us on Facebook! --> https://goo.gl/DzRKJz\nIf you need to reach Customer Support, please email us at livezencs@gmail.com\n\nCopyright 2015 Livezen Corp All Rights Reserved.
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