You will have a cool backgrounds of nature waterfalls.\n\nWaterfall Live Wallpaper Free is the best live wallpaper about waterfall which you feel relaxed and comfortable with the sound of miracle waterfall or birdsong in the forest .\n\nFeatures turn on or turn off all sound of waterfall, bird sound and bubble sound, just click on the top right corner of the screen. This is a new feature not present in any app live wallpaper.\n\nUpgrade to Waterfall Live Wallpaper Pro Version have full setting :\n\n * 4 cool backgrounds Waterfall\n * Change Speed of Waterfall\n * 7 Live sound from Waterfall\n * 3 sound of stream water in forest\n * 3 Sound of Bird in Forest\n * Show point broken Bubble\n * Change Allow Bee, Butterfly\n\nYou can touch the screen to broken bubble on wallpaper and when you move touch that will create wind pushes the bubble fly farther. Have no doubt about its wonderful cascades .\n \nWe will continue to upgrade new functionality of this live wallpaper . We hope you rate 5 stars for the app waterfall live wallpaper . \nIt so cool . Thank you ! \n\nFor Use : Home => Menu (or long press) => Wallpaper => Live Wallpapers => Waterfall Free\nOr click Shortcut Icon Waterfall Wallpapers on home screen for launching App !\n\nLike Us on Facebook\nhttp://www.facebook.com/submadinc
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