Sweet Horse Wallpapers
Beautiful wallpapers with a set of horse and pony pictures. \n\nIf you have a horse here are somecute and cool horse wallpapers, but If you are you a horse lover, and you can't keep one as a pet, than this app is perfect for you. App contains all sorts of horses like : Arabian, Quarter Horse, Paint horse, Miniature Horse, Thoroughbred, Morgan…\n\nLive the dream of owning a real horse.\nGet Horse Wallpapers for free! Enjoy watching the images of horses, one of the most beautiful animal species in the world, wherever you look at your phone. \nHorse Wallpapers app has an amazing gallery of horse pictures of different colors and breeds. \n\nHorse breeds are loosely divided into three categories based on general temperament: spirited \"hot bloods\" with speed and endurance; \"cold bloods\", such as draft horses and some ponies, suitable for slow, heavy work; and \"warmbloods\", developed from crosses between hot bloods and cold bloods, often focusing on creating breeds for specific riding purposes, particularly in Europe. There are more than 300 breeds of horse in the world today, developed for many different uses.\n\nSpecial features:\n- It's completely free\n- High quality HD or qHD Wallpapers\n- Application works offline. No need to download wallpapers.\n- Every photo wallpaper is awesome\n- Supports all screen resolutions and devices (including tablets).\n- Supports screen rotation.
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