Droid Battlefront Wallpaper
You like heroes or villains? Star Wars, guns, comics, gaming and Androids? Well, Bullet Bill, Darth Vader, R2D2, Stormtroopers, Darth Maul, Yoda, even the Toy Story Alien, all make an appearance in this wallpaper. Install this app to get the best pictures and themes with them. The app is getting always updated, so make sure to keep Droid Battlefront Wallpaper installed to get new animated themes.\n\nEnhance your mobile screen with super cool wallpapers which are not like something else in the Android world! The wallpaper collection of this app is rather ample to provide you with fresh visual themes always. Moreover, the themes are provided with various sound effects, e.g. gun shot sounds or scary voices. Of course if you are always looking for Star Wars related things and watching the official trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens every time you go online, well, you will like this app.\n\nDroid Battlefront Wallpaper is just great for any Smartphone device. Choose backgrounds with your favorite heroes and experience them shooting from the screen of your device! The wallpapers look so vivid that heroes are not just avatars, but they are ready to capture the world!\n\nApp Features:\n\n* Multiple famous heroes appearing in your devices with the wallpapers.\n* These wallpapers will be awesome for all ages.\n* Different sound themes supporting the animations.\n* Various environments: select your favorite battlefront between outer space or Earth meadow, etc.\n* Different weather effects, like mist, rain and snow.\n* App is getting constantly updated! Keep track on new images and pictures with battlefront and war heroes.\n* Change wallpapers wherever you feel like to, whether you are home, in the public transport or stuck in the traffic jam – the app can be launched without the Internet.\n* There is so much action in these live wallpapers!\n* The best HD Android wallpapers for those who are fond of space heroes and epic battles.\n\n*Please remember that if you are listening to media it might be better to turn off the sound of the wallpaper.*\n\n**Characters that appear here are registered trademark of Nintendo, LucasFilm and Disney/Pixar. \n\nThank you for dropping by and downloading the app! We do hope it will impress you greatly. Make your friends asking you where did you get these stunning superhero wallpapers!\n\nPara vivir a plenitud, un corazón valiente. #Libertad
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