ColorCross Free Christian
A free Christian Live Wallpaper. A cross live wallpaper with shapes that cycle through the rainbow and explode behind the centered cross. The settings periodically change to create varied effects. Be reminded of Jesus, Love, and God throughout your day. \n\nLike it? Please, let us know. \nLove it? Please, tell someone about it.\n\nThe upgrade is intended to allow the user to adjust the speed, clouds, background color, and modes to suit your preference. You should be able to adjust the settings of the LWP to closely resemble the original app by checking the “Whirl” mode only. \n\nGeneral directions for use:\n-After downloading, press and hold empty space on a home screen\n-Select Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper\n-Choose \"ColorCross Free\"\n-Press Settings/Edit to access the menu\n-After selections, hit Back and apply\n-Press the Home button if needed\n\nDirections vary by device.
See this content immediately after install