Flying Dragon Hunter
FLYING DRAGON HUNTER, an adventure battle game app, is now available for download. It has many levels that provide players with great challenges and unlimited excitements.\n\nBack in the year 1500 AD in a place called Borneo Island, a group of strange prehistoric Jurassic dinosaur looking flying dragons was heading down to earth, viciously unleashing their fury to attack mankind. Borneo Island is the third-largest island on earth. Borneo Island is a pristine land, a prosperous great Nation with a highly-dignified and peace-loving people. Borneo Island has a rainforest of 140 million years old, with thousands of flora and fauna species including the species are dipterocarps, terrestrial mammals and endemic birds. The Borneo rainforest is the only habitat of the endangered orang utan. Borneo must be protected from being invaded by alien creatures.\n\nThe human race was endangered and came under serious threat of being crushed to extinction. There were over 1,000 unique and highly fierce and intimidating dragons invading the earth in a lively and interactive approach.\n\nThe Kingdom of Borneo had one option, to hunt the invading creatures or be hunted to death. It was the decided by the King of Borneo Empire to send his only Prince (Allands Nitro) one young, handsome and skilled warrior for the special mission to take on the alien invaders at the frontline and defend his Borneo Kingdom. His sole mission was to ensure that the human race, particularly in his Borneo Island, are secured and protected from the enemies. \n\nArmed with just his gold and magical cross bow, the legendary Flying Dragon Hunter battled hard to slay down the aliens. He was fearless, armed with effective strategies and became the ultimate Flying Dragon Hunter. As the weather condition changes, the challenge to slay the flying dragon(s) become very difficult for the legendary Prince. As expected, he successfully killed thousands flying dragons and chased away many others. He was eventually rewarded handsomely by the King for winning the epic clash.\n\nGAME FEATURES!\n• Free play.\n• A group of ferocious dinosaur-looking dragons.\n• Explore and enjoy a virtual game of dragons’ war.\n• Power-up and evolve your dragons to make them even more ferocious, dangerous and stronger.\n• Online and interactive fierce battle between the Prince and the flying dragons.\n• Beautiful animation, feature graphic and sounds with powerful display and interaction as if it were happening in real life. \n• Game of multiple levels of upgrades and difficulties, fulfilling excitement to score.\n• Huge 3D world to explore!\n• Console quality HD graphics.\n• Reality hunting experience where players roam through vast landscapes.\n• Survival: a timed, frenzied affair where dragons run onto the player in waves with a clear intention to kill him. \n• Accessories for smart hunting.\n• Able to play with friends, get score and winning the hunting game.\n\nThank you & your feedback is highly appreciated.\nHuguan Siou
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