Beautiful God Live Wallpaper app is all you need to express your faith and spirituality! Amazing HD pictures of Jesus Christ, God, Virgin Mary; the Crucifixion and other Biblical scenes; it’s all here! This wonderful background app will bring you peace and tranquility and expand your religious feelings. Nothing says that you are a true Christian like this wonderful religious live wallpaper! Christianity, as one of the greatest religions, teaches us about the importance of faith, humility and love, so don’t hesitate and download this beautiful app right now, completely free of charge!\n\n- Cool 3D live wallpaper for smartphones \n- Unbelievable God HD images for your screen \n- Social share button and more \n- Incredible HD graphics with full support for home - screen switching and landscape mode \n- Motion of light and flashes changes with time \n- There are several fantastic Christian background themes waiting for you! \n\n- God Live Background fits perfectly on both tablet devices and smartphones and it fully supports horizontal orientation \n- This live wallpaper app has optimized Battery Usage and it will sleep when you phone is inactive, so it won’t drain your battery \n- Compatible with 99% mobile phone and tablet devices \n- Choose your favorite background wallpaper for free!\n\n\nChristians praise only one God, but he exists in three forms - holy trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This new God Live Wallpaper unites the three and represents the perfection of our Savior, the Lord! God Almighty is omnipresent and as long as you have God’s picture on your Android™ and Samsung Galaxy, you’ll never be alone. With your new Jesus wallpaper, you will experience all of God’s miracles, and it will only strengthen your religion. \n\nGod Live Wallpaper is the best way to express your faith in our Creator and Savior, Almighty God. In Holy Bible’s gospels, we learn about the birth of God’s son, Jesus Christ, his mother Virgin Mary, his life, and finally about crucifixion, and his ultimate sacrifice for the humanity.
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