Boy or a girl? Keep guessing!
Have you been wondering if you’re having a baby boy or a girl? It is considered that moms with a baby boy tend to eat more than usual, hence if the fetus is heavy, it’s a boy for you. Well, for a confirmation you shall have to wait until birth, till then keep guessing! <br><br> As mentioned earlier, the downy coating of lanugo on the baby’s skin is shed by now. Next thing left is vernix caseosa, the cheese-like coating protecting your baby in the womb. At week 37, it starts to disappear. While it is shed from the body, the baby ends up swallowing it in the womb. It is the blackish mixture of lanugo and vernix caseosa, known as meconium that gets secreted from baby’s first few bowel movements. <br><br> For your information, baby’s head is still growing. We guess it will be the same size circumference as his shoulders, abdomen and hips at the time of birth. Those cute elbows, knees, shoulders, creases and folds in the neck and wrists and hips are all gaining baby fat and even causing little dimples. Excited to feel them all? Just a few weeks to go! You’ll be experiencing all of that.
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