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Back aches? Yeah, we know! Learn how to deal with them.<br>\r\n\r\nFor swollen ankles and feet, ensure you elevate them as you sit in the comfort of your home. As the blood flow will get diverted, it shall give some relief to you. <br><br>\r\n\r\nStretch marks! Will keep on growing as the baby expands inside your belly, get used to these. These stretch-marks will also cause itching to your belly. Applying some cream might relieve you from the itching, but the marks will remain there until delivery. As we’ve been saying earlier too, these will fade way with time, sometimes leaving a few silvery lines. <br><br>\r\n\r\nOne new thing this week you shall notice in your body is linea nigra. It is the dark line around the center of your belly. It will fade away after your baby comes out. <br><br>\r\n\r\nIf you’re having leg cramps too, it can be because of dehydration. You can control these with regular precautions.
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