Oral hygiene, is what you need to take care of!
Pregnancy hormones must be causing bleeding or swollen gums. We just can’t help. Be gentle as you brush or floss. Hence, practicing good dental hygiene becomes more important to avoid any gum disease during your pregnancy.<br><br>\r\n\r\nSwollen ankles and feet will continue bothering you. It’s completely normal, but speak to your doctor if it’s sudden and extreme. He may check if you require any special medication for the same. <br><br>\r\n\r\nFeeling Braxton Hicks contractions? You should get used to this, as these contractions shall prevail till delivery. Keep changing postures time to time to stay comfortable. Ensure you drink plenty of water too. It shall also make it comfortable for you.<br><br>\r\n\r\nBackache! We know, it’s irritating you, but can’t help you. This is one of the symptoms which shall remain there during pregnancy. Avoid taking medicines for this pain, it’s going to be regular. <br><br>\r\n\r\nBeing Mommy isn’t that easy, you see!
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