Fatty baby to get more of it now!
Feeling your baby’s hiccups? Well, he’s trying to use his lungs and is practicing breathing. While he has been inhaling amniotic fluid only, the fluid gets stuck in its windpipe sometimes and hence the hiccups. <br><br>\n\nThere has been considerable hair growth on your baby’s little body. The baby might have hair of around an inch or more all through its body. While moving up and down, you might also be having a feeling similar to lightning bolts. That’s it!<br><br>\n\nYour little one has head of about the same circumference as his abdomen. The baby weighs around 2.8 kg and is almost 21 inches tall. The measurements mentioned here are for an average fetus, while these are different for different babies. Every baby grows in a unique manner inside the womb. <br><br>\n\nYour baby is as big as a pumpkin and is still continuing to accumulate more fat. Brain and nervous system continues maturing, which will go on till the arrival of the baby. Apart from this, there are no major changes happening this week. <br><br>\n\nYou just prepare yourself for the new entrant in the family.
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