Excitement levels need to wait for some time. Slow down till then
Hi! Here we are, another week in. Excited much? You must be. Do you realize what this also means? Brace yourself for some phone calls and texts from people looking for ‘news’. Don’t feel guilty about switching your phone off, or ignoring some phone calls- particularly when you’re trying to rest. What are partners for? Ask him to attend to these calls, if you’re not in the mood, or are just too tired! <br><br>\r\n\r\nTouring your birth center: Now that we’re almost there, it’s important for you to be mentally prepared about childbirth. So this week, it’s time to get familiar with your surroundings- it’ll help make labor less intimidating. Here’s what you do while you’re at it:<br><br>\r\n\r\n• Ask your partner to get familiar with the formalities. You don’t want him to be dealing with all those forms away from you, do you?<br>\r\n• Considering the setup of the hospital, decide which family members or friends may visit you there. Good intentions will always tend to overwhelm you later. It’s easier to let people know of your plans beforehand, rather than rejecting offers on the spot. Also, plan on how you will manage these visitors during a narrow timeframe. After all, you’ll need some baby time to focus on bonding and breastfeeding, don’t you think?<br><br>\r\n\r\nTime to slow down? Too preoccupied with the Braxton hicks and wondering if it’s time to start saving your energy for the real ones? Well, it depends. If you’re having a healthy pregnancy and are in the mood for it, there’s no reason for you to continue with short bouts of exercising (bearing mind you know when to stop, which you do, don’t you?)<br><br>\r\n\r\nHowever, if you have your plate full with exhaustion and other things, it’s okay to go slow; as long as you go out for a walk and do some stretching regularly. There are a lot of benefits of walking with respect to easing your labor, apart from getting you fresh air!
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