First baby-food sample shall be out
Are you all set for more changes? Well, you don’t have the option to. Leaky boobs are coming your way this week. What are they going to leak? That’s your baby’s first food. Known as colostrums, it is a yellowish substance. <br><br>\r\n\r\nAs your little one continues to crowd your lungs, shortness of breath shall prevail now till the time of delivery. We know we tell you this for a lot of other things too. But, such are the hardships one has to go through to bring a new life. <br><br>\r\n\r\nYou must be feeling stronger Braxton Hicks contractions as it’s time that your body to start preparing itself for labour.<br><br>\r\n\r\nSleeping disorder? It’s only going to get tougher day by day. The reason could be hormones or nerves and in some cases, both. <br><br>\r\n\r\nBe prepared, the third trimester might get uncomfortable for you to manage due to ever increasing hormone fluctuations. These might take a toll on your body and result in increasing aches and pains.
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