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NPD figures put Xbox and PlayStation neck-and-neck in Dec 2016, with 1.5m Xbox consoles sold
Trusted game industry sources who receive NPD figures have once again given us some insight into how the Xbox is doing sales-wise in the US. NPD Group research retail sales in the US, offering Sony and Microsoft the opportunity to say who "won" the sales race for each month. The actual figures are a closely guarded secret, until now! For the month of December, Xbox sold 1,511,000 units across both its Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles, which puts Xbox sales up 10% year-over-year for December. Sony took the sales lead selling 1,568,000 consoles during December, with 238,000 units of its PlayStation 4 Pro edging Microsoft into second place. Editor's Note: Since NPD figures are not made publicly available the veracity of the numbers reported here may be in question by some readers or even other media outlets. However, as the editor in chief of Windows Central I can vouch for the authenticity of the information presented here without hesitation. - Daniel Rubino
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