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Apple customers can now schedule Authorized Service Provider appointments along side Genius Bar
Apple has now introduced a manner in which customers seeking support can book repair appointments with not only the well known Genius Bar, but also Apple Authorized Service Providers. Previously customers only had the option to book online reservations with the Genius Bar, but the move to add third-party bookings is a new one. Customers should now have a better experience in finding a location to solve their issues.Third-party authorized service providers aren't new within Apple's support ecosystem, but having the ability to book appointments with them is. Apple's support pages originally helped customers find authorized providers, but the customer would then have to call and discover time slot availability on their own. Making it easier for customers to get the support they need should help the appease frustrated Apple customers. Third-party booking is now available alongside talking to Apple Support over the phone, chatting online, or visiting the Genius Bar in store.
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