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Ahead of iOS 11, 32-bit applications stop appearing in App Store search results
Ahead of WWDC kicking off tomorrow and the unveil of iOS 11, 32-bit applications have stopped appearing in App Store search results. This is the latest piece of evidence that suggests iOS 11 will drop support altogether for 32-bit applications when it's unveiled next week to developers and to the general public later this fall. It was reported earlier this year that iOS 11 would drop support for 32-bit apps and iOS 10.3 includes a new alert for users when they open a 32-bit application. The pop up notification reads that the app must be updated by the developer or else it may not work with future versions of iOS. Now that 32-bit applications seemingly no longer appear in App Store search results, they are essentially nonexistent for most users as they are only accessible via direct links. The move will ideally push developers to update any 32-bit applications if they wish for their app to be readily available and to continue attracting new users (via TouchArcade). 64-bit applications were first supported with the launch of the iPhone 5s in September of 2013 and since then, Apple has been gradually moving everything towards that standard. Starting in in February of 2015, Apple required developers to submit new applications with 64-bit support, while updates were required with 64-bit support in June 2015. With iOS 9, Apple began alerting users that if an app was 32-bit, it may slow down device performance. From iOS 10.2.1:
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