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Hands-on: First impressions with Apple AirPods sound quality, pairing, auto-pause, Siri and more
I've been looking forward to using Apple's wireless earbuds ever since they were teased at the iPhone 7 event. They gripped me as something that is quintessentially Apple; a streamlining of earbuds as far as they can go, headphones stripped to the bare essentials.I just got my new Apple AirPods delivered this morning and I'm happy to say they seem to be living up to my expectations a few hours in. Here's my first impressions ..AirPods are Apple's brand-new truly wireless earbuds. For $159, Apple bundles two earbuds, a charging case and a Lightning cable.They use the W1 chip for instant pairing, 5 hour battery life (with 24 hours of juice in the case), and smart features like seamless switching between devices and auto-pause when the AirPods detect they have been removed from your ear.I ordered mine when they went on sale last week and they arrived this morning (UK time). I've collated some initial impressions below — note that full reviews will come later after days of real-world usage.
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