Zamen | زامن
Review: Leaf, a creative & fresh take on the Twitter experience for iOS
Eight years since the App Store's initial release, we've seen quite the influx of Twitter apps on the market. Over time, the situation settled down and the best competitors stood on top. I've come to find my one or two main Twitter clients, but that still hasn't stopped me from looking for any new contenders. While there are the few Twitter apps that everyone knows, it's refreshing to see a new take on the familiar experience.Enter Leaf, a new Twitter client available in the App Store today that takes a few creative approaches to the experiences we have come to know and love.Stepping outside of normal Twitter client behaviors, Leaf shows promise as being a client that users can grow into using everyday. Developed by @iPlop and designed by @Surenix, Leaf takes artistic liberties in instilling a new Twitter timeline experience. I've spent the past week testing Leaf daily to see if it could replace my daily Twitter clients, and I have to say I'm impressed.The app's main UI provides a familiar tab bar at the bottom of the view to navigate between your main Twitter streams. Your timeline, mentions, direct messages and search are all listed below by four distinct icons.
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