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Phil Schiller says voice-only assistants are sometimes convenient, open minded about App Store upgrade pricing in new interview
Indian news network NDTV caught up with Apple's SVP Marketing Phil Schiller for an interview after his visit to the new App Accelerator in Bengaluru The discussion touches on Schiller's management of App Store and Apple's developer ecosystem, Swift adoption and his thoughts on voice-only assistants like the Google Home or Amazon Echo. Whilst Schiller would not gave any praise to its competitor's products, he did say that these kind of devices are convenient in some situations … The NDTV interview appears to have taken place in early April and only published today. This means that Schiller's comments about the voice assistant products come before the rumors broke that a Siri Speaker product is imminent, with a potential WWDC debut. It's important to be aware of the context. In a previous interview, Schiller largely panned the idea of voice-only interfaces pointing to the need for a screen to display content and provide the best user experiences. In the new NDTV chat, Schiller repeats these same points but points to places where voice-only experiences are convenient, such as when driving. Obviously, he doesn't confirm the existence of an upcoming Apple competitor in the home AI space or anything, but he doesn't miss an opportunity to backhandedly criticize the Amazon Echo and Google Home:
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