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'Super Mario Run' Update Brings New Easy Mode and Adjustments to Toad Rally
While the big N has stated that their first mobile game release Super Mario Run [Free] wouldn't be getting major content updates during the course of its life, they've still been pretty active about updating the game in general and running new events and sometimes even adding new features, like the "Friendly Run" mode back in December and the "Loads of Coins" event a couple of weeks ago. Today they've gone and done it again by updating Super Mario Run not with actual new content but with a major tweaking to how the game works in an effort to appeal to those who find it too challenging. It's called "Easy Mode" and you'll get the option to replay a level in this new way once you've failed it at least once. Easy Mode removes the time limit and also gives you unlimited bubble redos, meaning you can die as often as you want and can take as much time doing so as you wish!
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