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Opinion: Apple's product secrecy may create ‘magic,' but lack of transparency on upgrade cycles creates frustration
When Apple unveiled its latest MacBook Pro models, making particular reference to their ability to drive multiple 4K and 5K monitors, some wondered whether the company was readying itself to exit the desktop market – as it has already done for displays.Even Apple's own employees appeared to share this concern, with one asking on the company's internal Apple Web system ‘Are Mac desktops strategic for us?'.Tim Cook was quick to offer reassurance, stating that the desktop market was ‘very strategic' for Apple, and that the company has ‘great desktops in our roadmap.' There were, though, a couple of problems with this assurance …First, we noted earlier, Cook made specific reference to the iMac – singing its praises as ‘the best desktop we have ever made' – while saying nothing at all about the Mac mini or, crucially, the Mac Pro. You would have thought that if you wanted people to feel confident that Apple's desktop line was alive and well, you might at least assure us that the flagship model has a future.Second, the statement gave no indication whatsoever of any kind of timescale. This is, of course, nothing new. Apple famously reveals little of its plans, not even confirming iPhone launch dates – something we know is coming every September – until shortly beforehand. But it is problematic in the Mac market, especially for professional users.
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