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Former DC staffer charged for distributing nude photos of sitting Congresswoman
Two former employees of a sitting member of the US House of Representatives were indicted today in a cyberstalking case, according to the Department of Justice. Juan R. McCullum was indicted on two counts of cyberstalking after he allegedly distributed nude images and videos of his former boss, while his fellow former co-worker Dorene Browne-Louis was indicted on two counts of obstruction of justice for deleting messages from McCullum and giving false statements to law enforcement. The victim in the case, unnamed by the Justice Department, was revealed by Politico last July to be Democratic Rep. Stacey Plaskett. The case centers on McCullum, who told Plaskett, whom he worked for at the time, that he could repair her malfunctioning iPhone by taking it to a local Apple Store. McCullum then, without permission, went through the private contents of the device, finding nude photos and videos of her and her spouse. He then stopped working in the Plaskett's office some time thereafter.
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