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Tim Cook tells desktop Mac fans not worry, says Apple has ‘great desktops' in its roadmap
Earlier this evening, we shared a post from Tim Cook on Apple's internal employee info service Apple Web in which the CEO discussed his reasoning for meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. Now, TechCrunch has shared more posting from Apple Web, one of which focuses on Tim Cook's stance regarding the future of the Mac…Apple, of course, overhauled the MacBook Pro lineup in October, but left the desktop Macs untouched, prompting some to question Apple's interest in the market. In response to a question about whether or not the desktop Mac is strategic for Apple, however, Cook explains the company is still very much interested in the market.Cook starts by touting the benefits of a desktop machine over laptops, including larger screens, more memory and storage, a greater variety of ports, and more. “The current generation iMac is the best desktop we have ever made and its beautiful Retina 5K display is the best desktop display in the world,” Cook writes.What's most notable, however, is what follows. Cook clears up the doubt caused by “some folks in the media” regarding the future of the desktop Mac:
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