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Adobe brings HDR RAW capture to Lightroom for iPhone and iPad
Adobe's mobile Lightroom app is slowly but surely becoming a viable alternative to Google Photos and Apple's Photos app with iCloud Photo Library. In the most recent update to Lightroom for iPhone and Lightroom for iPad, a dynamic range RAW capture that was previously only possible when shooting with a DSLR or mirrorless camera is now available on latest iOS devices. Additional improvements in this edition of Lightroom for iOS include 3D Touch support on iPhone 6s/7 series, a Notification Center widget, the ability to export your original images, including DNGs and RAW files, and more. With RAW HDR capture, the app automatically scans the scene to determine the correct exposure range. Lightroom then captures three RAW shots in a rapid succession that are automatically aligned, merged, deghosted and tonemapped. The resulting 32-bit floating point DNG file offers the best possible image quality with a greatly increased dynamic range and the ability to edit and share right away. In other words, you get all of the benefits of both an HDR and a RAW photo.
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