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NotifyCensored lets you hide notification banner content on a per-app basis
When privacy is a concern of yours, sometimes you need to be mindful of the notifications that pop up from apps, as they can easily make sensitive information readable by anyone who might be looking over your shoulder. While some apps like Mail, Messages, and Facebook Messenger come with internal settings for hiding message content, not all messaging apps do, or do it as well. That's where a new free jailbreak tweak called NotifyCensored by Pax Cex will come in handy. NotifyCensored can conceal not only the messages you receive, but also who's sending them. It hides information from notification banners throughout iOS, including those that pop up on the Lock screen and those that appear while you're using your device. You might recall from our tutorial on hiding message previews that doing so with the stock options will hide the content of the message, but not the name of the sender. This is just one way that NotifyCensored actually outperforms the stock settings in some apps. In addition to that, it supports a wide variety of other third-party messaging apps, which can be toggled on or off from the tweak's preferences pane in the Settings app:
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