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The Windows Store may be winning over users, according to real developers
It has become sort of long running joke about how insufficient the Windows Store is compared to other modern app stores such as Google Play and Apple's App Store. Perhaps, a conflation of Microsoft's failures in the smartphone wars, many people perceive the Windows Store in Windows 10 as an extension of that failure and thus perpetuate the narrative. The Windows Store is not without its faults, but a group of developers got together to see just how bad user perception is versus actual usage and the numbers started to string together a different narrative. According to a post by Ben Fox on Medium, he and a group of fellow Windows developers took it upon themselves to investigate the disparaging gulf between biased app developers who sometimes represent the vocal minority in the review sections and ‘real, current users'. The investigation was simple, “do our users use the Store begrudgingly or cheerfully?" Layered atop the basic thesis was a Yelp sort of nuance that accompanies a satisfied customer, do they even bother to leave reviews or is it just the unhappy few that speak for the whole? Fox and friends used the tools at their disposal to conduct a study that collected responses from 508 users from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand by way of ad inventory in apps.
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