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New MacBook Pro owners with USB printers, mics, and audio equipment can avoid adapters with this handy cable
Apple's new MacBook Pro is totally ready for a USB-C future, but some of your current accessories like printers and mics might not be so prepared.Printers, mics, audio equipment, and a lot of other common accessories use a boxy connector and standard USB to interface with your Mac. You can add a USB-A to USB-C adapter on the end of the cable that comes with your accessory, but dongles and adapters add complexity that can be avoided in this case.As I mentioned on this week's 9to5Mac Happy Hour podcast, my Rode Podcaster mic uses this boxy USB port so I'll need an adapter or something to make the included cable work with the new MacBook Pro when it arrives. I'd rather just replace the cable with one that works rather than permanently attach an adapter that could disconnect.
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