Zamen | زامن
This LG G6 prototype looks like it had to fight to escape the lab
I'm imagining a humorless Korean security chief berating her charges for their lapse in vigilance. "Your one and only job," she bellows out in white-hot rage, "was to keep the Asset under wraps until February 26th. Dead or alive, the one thing the Asset could not be allowed to do was break cover." But, as diligent, committed, and hardworking as LG's security goons might be, the company's upcoming flagship, the LG G6, does appear to have broken cover, both literally and figuratively. Pictures of a purported prototype of this new Android smartphone have leaked to Droid Life, and they show a device in a state of distress. The G6's rear is shorn of its top left corner, exposed at its midriff, and punctured by two curious holes near its side.
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