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Mark Zuckerberg tried to connect his DIY smart home to a gray t-shirt cannon
In a post today, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the details of his ambitious year-long project to build his own “Home AI.” Dubbed Jarvis, the system is basically an advanced Smart Home, letting you give voice and text commands to any device in the house. The Facebook CEO is a little late in the reveal — he initially said he'd demo the system in September — but the result is a fascinating look at exactly how far you can get home-brewing your own Smart Home.Zuckerberg built the system in Python, PHP and Objective C — but like most programming problems, the bulk of the work seems to have been stitching together existing systems and codebases. That meant connecting a Creston lighting and thermostat system with a Nest camera, a Spotify/Sonos speaker system and a Samsung TV. On the input side, he used established APIs to enable voice and mobile text commands.
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