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'Galaga Wars' Review - Bug Killer Reborn
It makes perfect sense why publishers would want to milk the legacy of classic games as long as they can. Why wouldn't they? Very often for a lot of these retro releases they've withstood the test of time, being sold to generation upon generation without any sign of stopping. Bandai Namco is the king of that practice, having delivered us hundreds of Pac-Man ports, re-releases, and spinoffs in the past several decades. But what I love more than a port is an original take on a classic formula.When you start putting your games on basically every platform known to man, there's a point where the tactic feels cheap. This is especially the case on mobile, with retro titles being dumped onto the platform for the masses to buy with non-optimized control schemes, and of course, a complete lack of future updates, turning the app into an obsolete icon over time. While the update situation remains to be seen, Galaga Wars [Free] doesn't feel like a quick cash-in. Yes, it is a free-to-play game, and yes, it uses those "watch videos to continue" schemes, but hear me out.
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