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IK Multimedia updates line of iOS/Mac recording devices w/ new iRig Pro I/O interface & Acoustic Stage pre-amp
From While you're likely too busy with today's Logic Pro X update at the moment, we are getting some new iOS/Mac gear from IK today: IK Multimedia is well known for its lineup of great sounding and affordable recoding interfaces for iOS and Mac. Whether its the iRig HD 2 for guitar players or the iRig Pro Duo for producers and songwriters, the company has just about every kind of musician, podcaster and music maker covered at a reasonable price point. And now, straight out of NAMM 2017, IK is announcing the brand new all-in-one iRig Pro I/O for iPhone, iPad and Mac. As its name suggests, just about every type of connectivity option your typical musician would need at home or on the road is present here. Along with 24-bit/196kHZ quality audio recording, Pro I/O features a combo XLR/¼” input courtesy of Neutrik that is more than capable of handling all the mics, keyboards, guitars and noise makers you might want to stick in there. You'll find input gain control, multi-colored LED status lights and a nice little 48v boost for your Phantom Power-driven microphones. Full MIDI in/out capabilities are available here, alongside a nice headphone jack, which essentially adds 1/8-inch audio connectivity back to your iPhone 7 at the same time. It'll run wirelessly using a pair of AA batteries when it is connected to your iPhone, iPad or Mac over USB. But you can also use the included power supply unit to plug it in and charge your mobile device at the same time.
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