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Apple asks the Indian government to ease up on labeling laws
Apple wants a few concessions from the Indian government.Apple is increasingly looking to the Indian market for driving growth in the coming years, including setting up its retail stores and manufacturing the phones locally in the country. Apple products are highly sought-after in India, and it will be a major win for the government if it could get iPhones to be locally manufactured under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Make in India" initiative.To that effect, Tim Cook met with Modi when he visited India earlier this year. While he didn't commit to making phones locally, Apple has asked the Indian government for certain concessions, including financial incentives to get local production started.One thing in Apple's favor is that Foxconn — its primary manufacturer — is investing heavily in India. The government is providing capital subsidies as well as tax-free imports of certain components used to build phones as a way to incentivize brands to set up factories in the country.According to The Wall Street Journal, officials from the Ministries of Trade, Finance, Electronics and Information Technology, Forests and Environment are set to meet to discuss Apple's requests:
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