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India may have found creative way to offer local iPhone manufacturing incentives to Apple
It appears that the Indian government may have found a creative way to agree to Apple's request for financial incentives to manufacture iPhones within the country – without being seen to give special treatment to one particular company. Apple had asked for a number of concessions, including a 15-year import duty on iPhone components, manufacturing equipment and consumables. Earlier reports had described conflicts between different government departments with differing objectives. The IT and industry ministries wanted to agree to Apple's terms, as it would be a big win to sign up the world's largest company to its Made In India program, while the finance ministry was reluctant to lose the import duty revenue. Two reports today suggest that the government may have found a creative way out of the impasse … The Economic Times suggests that it is politically difficult for the government to agree to special terms for one company, with some in the government suggesting that one solution might be to agree to some of Apple's requests but to make the incentives available to all manufacturers.
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