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Fight a Forest in the Christmas Update for 'Goat MMO Simulator', Out Now on the App Store
There hasn't been a whole lot of competition in 2016, however Goat Simulator [$4.99] is still by far the best simulation of everyone's favourite horned mammal (don't write in, Rhinoceros fans) currently on the App Store. While the game doesn't strive for a realistic representation of goat culture, the ability to flail unassuming bystanders around with your tongue, defy the laws of physics through a wondrous trampoline, and best of all shape-shift into a whale makes for a unique experience, to say the least. While the holiday season tends to be dominated by lesser animals like reindeers, Coffee Stain Studios want to remind you that goats can celebrate too, and so Goat MMO Simulator [$4.99] has received a relevant update titled 'Winter, or Whatever', with a sackful of neat features to make the game even more festive and fun.
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