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Get Android Nougat-like folder icons with this tweak
If you're looking for something you can do to change the appearance of your Home screen on your jailbroken device without going overboard, then you should look into a new free jailbreak tweak called NougatFolder by Elton Goci. Essentially, this tweak transforms your Home screen's folder icons to look more like those on an Android Nougat handset. The newfangled Android-inspired aesthetics give you something different to look at on your Home screen since Folders in iOS have been virtually the same since iOS 7. The end result really doesn't look all that bad either, in my honest opinion. The tweak takes into account how many apps are in each folder, and then adjusts the icon accordingly. For example, if you have two apps, you'll see two apps side-by-side. If you have three apps, you'll see a triangular formation of apps. And finally, if you have four or more, you'll see a grid of apps inside the icon:
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