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'Punch Quest' Has Been Updated for 64-Bit Support, Future Apple TV Support Hinted?
The App Store is like an awful b-list zombie movie at the moment, with classic games fading left, right and center at the hands of Apple's relentless 32-bit Appocalypse. While a number of titles have since been updated to 64-bit to stay around when iOS 11 rolls into town, the very nature of this new requirement for applications means a number of true classics will soon suddenly disappear, which is disappointing for the platform as a whole. Thankfully, one such cult iOS hit has today confirmed its continued presence on the App Store. As we first reported last week, Rocketcat Games and Madgarden's Punch Quest [Free] has been updated to bring it into compliance with Apple's 64-bit regulations, and the developers have also strongly hinted at later successive updates that could add features such as Apple TV support.
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