Zamen | زامن
Evernote's redesign is too little, too late
Evernote redesigned its mobile app for iOS today, making it easier to capture new notes and search for existing ones. The company replaced its confounding black-on-green mobile design with classic black and white, and the result is an app that is faster and more pleasant to use. But while the company should be applauded for tackling some of its longest-standing product issues, Evernote's biggest problems are more pressing than ever. Still, it's a good redesign. The centerpiece of the new app is a big green button that creates notes. Tap it and a new note opens instantly for you to begin typing. (In a nice touch, the cursor is placed in the body of the note instead of the title, saving you a step if you don't want to title your note.) You can also long-press the button to create different kinds of notes: audio notes, photos, and reminders. It's the fastest creation process Evernote has ever had.
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