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7 new features in GarageBand Version 2.2 that you need to know about!
GarageBand for iPhone and iPad version 2.2 once again redefines what it means to make music on mobile. When Steve Jobs revealed GarageBand for iPad, it was one of those moments that redefined mobile software for me. iPhone showed us you could touch your music. GarageBand showed us you could touch your music. Since then there's been an incredible string of pro apps for iPad and iPhone, but GarageBand, for me, remains real magic. It's one of the few things that makes me regret not having an ounce of musical talent. There are bands, bands even I've heard of, that produce vast swaths of their songs and albums on iPad now, and while that shouldn't surprise me, it absolutely delights me. GarageBand for iOS 2.2 doesn't just offer new features but it brings over features from Logic Pro X, Apple's pro audio editing software for the Mac. That includes Alchemy, which as the name implies, is transformative. There's also a new way to round-trip projects from Mac to iOS and back that's clever enough it feels like sorcery. But enough with the wizardly hyperbole, here are the highlights: There's a new sound browser so you can get at and explore the Touch Instruments more quickly and easily than before. (Where' my snare at?)Apple's ported over Alchemy, their cool new synthesizer from Logic Pro X. It's got over 150 Apple-designed patches from across multiple genres like Pop, Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, and yes, EDM for the unce, unce, unce.
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