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Dyson's new Supersonic is the Tesla of hair dryers
The hair-and-makeup tax is a real thing. It might be difficult to fully grasp the amount of time it takes people with long hair, or people who feel a whole lot better with a little bit of makeup on, to get ready to head out the door if you fall into neither category, but trust me: it takes time away from other things you'd rather be doing.So when Dyson said earlier this year that it had reinvented the hair dryer, building one with a powerful 13-blade motor, high-velocity airstream, and temperature control, I took the bait. Tech! Of course new tech would fix the problem. I'll be honest, I was hesitant to even write about it for The Verge because I assumed most of our audience wouldn't share the same enthusiasm, but the promise of this hair dryer was too great: with the Supersonic, my morning routine would be expedited; my hair would be flawless; hell, even my bathroom sink would be less cluttered. Right? Right?Reality came fast — faster than you can say "makeup tax," when I learned that the Supersonic cost $400. The Toyota Corolla of hair dryers this is not; it is more like a Tesla, fast and sleek and also out of my price range. I've spent the past couple weeks comparing my standard, $21 Conair with this new Supersonic, and I've determined that Dyson's version of the hair dryer is completely covetable. But still: that's a lot of money to pay for dry hair.
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