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Apple shares three special Shot on iPhone ads to celebrate Children's Day in Turkey
Apple has posted three new Shot on iPhone ads to its Apple Turkey YouTube channel. The fifteen-second spots are special in that all three videos have been taken by 11-year old children using an iPhone 7. The clips include quirky uses of perspective and slow-mo to create some clever sequences. Apple is posting the videos to celebrate a national holiday in Turkey that takes place on April 23, called National Sovereignty and Children's Day. Watch the three ads after the jump … National Sovereignty and Children's Day is a special day for Turkey, which sees government positions including the Prime Minster and cabinet replaced by children representatives. The children discuss matters relating to education and the environment, and even sign executive orders. Apple is featuring the work of 11-year old Beliz in the three Shot on iPhone videos. In the first clip ‘Rabbit', Beliz used macro photography techniques to get a closeup of the animal showing how its hair blows in the wind.
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