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Microsoft's new Mac to Surface Assistant does exactly what the name says
Microsoft is simplifying the process of moving your Mac stuff over to the Surface laptop/tablet hybrid devices. As noted on Twitter three days ago, the Windows maker recently released a brand new app, Mac to Surface Assistant, provided as a free download from the Microsoft website. The migration tool requires an external USB drive and lets Apple users move all their photos, videos, music, mails, contacts, calendars and other files from a Mac to a Surface with a few clicks.Upon downloading the file “MactoSurfaceAssistant.dmg”, open it from your Mac's Downloads folder to mount the volume, then launch the “Mac to Surface” or move it to your Applications folder for quick access in the future.If you get a message saying the file won't open because it's from an unidentified developer, right-click it and select Open, then confirm the action from the prompt.Accept the license agreement and select the items you wish to transfer to your Surface.These may include:Photos and videos in the Photos libraryItems on your desktopItems in the Documents folderYour downloaded files in the Downloads folderVideos in the Movies folderSongs in the Music folderImages in the Pictures folderYou can also choose to transfer over any files that are stored inside other top-level folders on your Mac, like Applications, Public and others. After selecting what you want to move over to a Surface, the app goes on to create a ZIP archive of the selected files, then saves it to an external USB drive that must be connected to your Mac.
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