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SMG Brings 'Thumb Drift GT-V' to Apple TV
SMG Studio has released Thumb Drift [Free] for Apple TV as Thumb Drift GT-V []. If you're a fan of Thumb Drift, but have wanted to play on your TV while at home, this is the version for you. By default, you control with the Siri Remote turned horizontal, but can also play with swipe controls on the remote's touchpad. If you have a controller, I highly recommend that, as it feels great playing with an analog joystick. other big change to Thumb Drift GT-V is that it is a paid game now. This comes with a few bonuses beyond just not having ads. You start off with 2000 coins, and can buy whichever cars you want instead of having to get random cars with your coins. Cars are also cheaper, though the coin cost for each additional car increases.So, if you have an Apple TV and like Thumb Drift, this might be worth checking out.
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