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How to delete your Safari web browsing history for specific days
If you use Safari as your default web browser on your Mac, it's possible to delete your browsing history for a just a specific date, while still leaving all the rest of your browsing history intact. Not only will this appear less fishy when someone looks into your browsing history than deleting everything would, but it also lets you annihilate only a chosen portion of your web browsing history, which can be infinitely useful for protecting your privacy depending on how you use your machine to browse the web. One example I can think of right off the bat is if I were to spend a day searching for birthday or Christmas gifts and wanted to clear only that one days' worth of web browsing history from my machine when I was finished. That way, other users of my computer or mobile device couldn't be nosy and see what I was planning. You might have other plans if you use the web for other reasons, but regardless, we'll show you how to go about this on both macOS and iOS, so you can have an idea of how it's done across all of your devices:
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