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After EveryAppleVideo YouTube channel goes dark, new ‘Every ? Video' archive surfaces
Reddit pointed out this morning that the invaluable ‘EveryAppleVideo' YouTube channel has gone dark for unknown reasons. Visiting the channel page takes you to an empty channel under a banner reading ‘This channel was closed and is no longer available.' without further explanation. ‘Previously the channel hosted 1000+ Apple ads, keynotes, and other videos dating back to the 80s which served as the ultimate archive of sorts. Apple hosts its own ads and keynotes on YouTube regularly, although videos are frequently replaced when new material becomes available. One possibility is the channel was taken down over copyright issues considering the videos all originated from Apple, although Reddit points out that a copyright message would likely appear if the channel was taken down over violations. It's still possible, however, that the owner received external complaints over copyright violations and proactively removed content from the channel.
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