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Bethesda's 'The Elder Scrolls: Legends' CCG Is Out Worldwide
After a very long beta period, The Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free (HD)] is finally out for tablets worldwide. This Bethesda CCG has more going for it than just the Elder Scrolls world; it also offers a story mode, with hours of gameplay, and a single-player draft mode that plays like Hearthstone's Arena but against AI. The other interesting wrinkle in the gameplay is the ability to upgrade certain cards you own rather than just collect new cards. Legends also has plenty of flexibility in deckbuilding because it allows you to craft a deck using two of the game's five attributes (strength, intelligence, willpower, agility, and endurance). Combining attributes gives your deck its own class in a way. Finally, the game's other major gameplay difference from the likes of Hearthstone is how the board is split in two lanes, with each lane affecting cards differently.
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