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Microsoft Says 'More People are Switching from Macs to Surface Than Ever Before'
In blog post touting its new Surface products, Microsoft says more people are switching from Macs to Surface than ever before.November was the best month ever for consumer Surface sales.The Best Buy-exclusive Surface bundle sold out on the first day. The momentum was seen worldwide. In the UK, we had the best single week for Surface ever and in Germany the Surface Pen became the best seller in PC Accessories on for over 12 hours.The company says its Macbook trade-in program is more popular than it has ever been.More people are switching from Macs to Surface than ever before. Our trade-in program for MacBooks was our best ever, and the combination of excitement for the innovation of Surface coupled with the disappointment of the new MacBook Pro – especially among professionals – is leading more and more people to make the switch to Surface, like this. It seems like a new review recommending Surface over MacBook comes out daily. This makes our team so proud, because it means we're doing good work.It's possible that Microsoft is seeing additional switchers of late as some users are disappointed with the latest MacBook Pro offering from Apple. There are have been concerns from some users over price, compatibility and performance.Apple says "We are proud to tell you that so far our online store has had more orders for the new MacBook Pro than any other pro notebook before. So there certainly are a lot of people as excited as we are about it."Read More
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