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The 11 most important things from Apple's iPhone 7 event
Nope, there's no headphone jack in the iPhone 7. That's what you're wondering, right? It doesn't have one.If you're still reading, some interesting other features showed up at today's Apple event. The day was dedicated to upgraded versions of the iPhone and Apple Watch, both of which feature new colors, are safer around water, and will have a surprise from Nintendo onboard. The iPhone 7 lost a headphone jack but gained new wireless “AirPod” earbuds and a second camera. The Apple Watch Series 2 is now more effective than ever at guilting you into better lifestyle choices. Everything is more powerful. And if you were looking for new MacBooks, iPads, Apple TVs, or VR headsets — we can dream, right? — then you'll have to wait until next...Continue reading…
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